Seven Little Monkeys

For kids: conquering the 'monkey-mind'

"Seven Little Monkeys jumping in my head.
They were raising quite a ruckus
And I couldn't get to bed."

Seven Little Monkeys coverSo begins Joanie Woodward's delightful read-aloud picture book. While it tells the story of a monkey whose mind is filled with jabbering, fussing and fighting monkeys, it also provides a solution: the yoga-tested method of deep-belly breathing.

Indeed, while small children love the colorful paintings and story, Seven Little Monkeys also provides a good introduction to yoga, from the concept of the "monkey-mind" to the seven color-coded monkeys who correspond to the seven chakras.This is truly a book that offers new delights every time it's opened!

Joanie Woodward has been teaching and practicing yoga since she was 13. In the numerous readings and demonstrations she has done in schools, she's found that kids respond incredibly well to the concepts of dee-belly breathing for relaxation. Some guidance counselors have used the book to help troubled or excited children, bringing them back to calm and control.

Seven Little Monkeys is a book that works on many levels. Picture book, story-time book, or calming influence. Above all, a book children love to hear, over and over.

Get one for your kid and enjoy a free copy of this beginner's juicing guide for yourself! A great deal, isn't it? ;)

ISBN 0-9754676-4-6 | 20pp. | hard cover | $19.95

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