The Hacker Golf Mystery Series

Just a fun weekend of golf

That's all Hacker thought he was signing up for when a buddy invited him for a weekend Member-Guest tournament. But trouble has a way of finding Hacker, on and off the golf course.

Member-Guest cover Things at the Shuttlecock Club are not always as they appear. When the strange and volatile club president is found dead during the tournament, Hacker begins to dig. In addition to the usual assortment of country-club sexual shenanigans, he uncovers some financial deals that appear to lead to the Boston-area Mob, and suddenly, finding the murderer proves dangerous to Hacker's own health.

Great golf scenes are intertwined with Bartlett's narrative skill, and the characters--especially Hacker's buddy, the boozy and irrepressible John Connolly--are unforgettable! The critics agree--this is Bartlett's best one yet!

ISBN 0-9754676-2-X | 260pp. | trade softcover | $11.99

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Who said girls always play nice?

In the second Hacker mystery, an old family friend cajoles Hacker into spending an off-weekend at an LPGA tournament in Miami.

But once he arrives in Florida, Hacker finds that the Tour is being run as a personal fiefdom by Wynnona "Big Wyn" Stilwell, a once-great player now past her prime. Events begin to spin out of control as Hacker tries to find out what, exactly, is going on. It's page-turning excitement that builds to the explosive conclusion.

Bartlett knows how to tell a story. Passages fall with the sweet sound of the ball rattling into the cup.Atlanta Journal.

ISBN 0-9754676-1-1 | 246pp. | trade softcover | $11.99

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Death stalks the fairways!

This Yeoman House softcover edition is the first of James Y. Bartlett's Hacker golf mystery series, originally published in 1991.

Covering the PGA Tour's Carolinas Open, Hacker befriends a young up-and-coming player who is found dead. Was it an accident...or murder? A drug-dealing caddie, desperate golf groupie and a strange Bible-thumping chaplain are just some of the characters Hacker meets as he tries to sort out the truth.

From first tee to the last putt, this is a gripping tale that takes you behind the ropes and inside the clubhouse in the world of professional golf.

ISBN 0-9754676-0-3 | 206pp. | trade softcover | $11.99

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