A Threesome of Book Reviews

By Dr. John Wagner, CyberGolf.com

I have been reading three books at a time and found that each had its moments. I waited until a week to review them to let them simmer for awhile. Waiting so long changed my outlook. Unfortunately, it lowered two of them in my recommendations. So here we go.

Back Swings: A Golf Omnibus

This is a collection of Bartlett’s essays, most of which appeared in Forbes magazine’s “FYI.” These pieces are relaxing to read as they discuss golf history and tidbits about interesting players, courses and people involved in the game.

I often found myself leaving Nilsson and Marriott’s book after only a few pages to read one of Bartlett’s articles, just to refresh my mind and take me to a more comfortable place. I’ve read him for years and have always enjoyed his work.

I did not read all of the pieces in the book, and thus didn’t have a chance to read new thoughts or reread old ones, which I’d forgotten anyway. Bartlett’s style is relaxed but informative. I’d buy this just to read every now and then as it’s just plain fun. Thanks for the break Mr. Bartlett.

Back Swings: A Golf Omnibus,” by James Y. Bartlett, Yeoman House, 478 pages, $19.95, ISBN 0975467654